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Which way is more scientific to open vacuum fryer gate?

Date: 2022-05-09   Id: 34   Views:

One fan asked me one question, why do you design the automatic gate? He thinks it is not essential. Let’s just talk about the vacuum fryer gate opening ways to confirm which is the better way.


There are two main gate opening ways of vertical vacuum fryer, one is side hung gate, the other is sliding gate.

What are the differences between side-hung gate and sliding gate?

1. opening direction is different.

Side hung gate is moved from inside to outside horizontally by manpower, just like domestic door.

Sliding gate is moved up and down.

2. power is different

The side hung gate needs manpower to operate, but sliding gate is moved automatically, we can control by PLC. The strength is from air cylinder.


Why do we design sliding gate for vacuum fryer? There are two disadvantages of side hung gate.

One disadvantage is, the gate moving route will be deflective after a period time, not in horizontal level. Opening and closing the gate becomes difficult.

The other disadvantage is, the sealing material will be aging in different degree. The force on the sealing material is not uniform because of the opening direction. It is easy to occurred untight seal.


Adopt sliding opening gate up and down, could avoid these problems. Do you have other questions about vacuum fryer? Don’t hesitate to leave message to me.