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Which type vacuum pump is suitable for vacuum fryer?

Date: 2022-08-23   Id: 42   Views:

Recently, one customer asked me one professional question, why do you use two different vacuum pumps for vacuum fryer. I also want to share this knowledge here.


As we all know, vacuum frying is finished in reduced pressure condition. The frying time and temperature are related to vacuum degree closely. If vacuumizing speed and vacuum degree higher, the frying time will be shorter and frying temperature lower. On the contrary, frying time longer and frying temperature higher.


Actually, the aim of using vacuum technology in the field of food and snacks production, is to transform food moisture from solid state to gas state directly and remove out quickly. Include vacuum frying and vacuum freeze-drying technology. In the vacuum frying process,

If the vacuumizing speed and vacuum degree can not meet requirements, the moisture will only transform liquid state and then go into oil, the frying time will be prolonged and the oil will be polluted. This is also the cause why some clients told to me they had saw some water in the exhaust pipeline. Normally, there is only vapour flowing there.


Thus, it is so important to adopt reasonable pumps for vacuum fryer. Some factories just use circulating water vacuum pump for reducing machine cost and customer will accept the price easily. But this is not responsible action, customers can’t produce standard product. It is just transforming the business pressure to customer. In general, there are two features of circulating water vacuum pump. One is low efficiency, about 30%, the better will be to 50%; the other is low vacuum degree. The above two features decide it can’t supply high vacuumizing speed and vacuum degree in short time. The best way is to add roots pump as the main pump, the circulating water vacuum pump as frond pump. There are many good features of roots pump, such as quickly start, pumping speed higher and higher efficiency……

So we can make sure customers could get high quality product is shortest time.


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