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It is a new trend to treat vacuum fried fruit and vegetable chips as daily snacks

Date: 2022-06-02   Id: 40   Views:

With people’s life level up, deep fat fried chips isn’t the first choice for enjoying casual time with family. Because anything fried in high temperature is harmful for body, also leads to fat problem. Thus, we explore how to create low temperature for frying and solve high oil content problem.


According to the frying principle, we find out that frying is just a process of moisture evaporating. If we can reduce the boiling point, we can get dried chips at lower temperature.

So we can use vacuum pump to reduce the air content of one sealed chamber and create reduced pressure condition. The boiling point will become lower in the reduced pressure condition. By now we name frying in reduced pressure condition as vacuum frying. In the exploring progress, we also discover that many other materials could be fried in reduced pressure condition, like banana, okra, mushroom, jackfruit, sweet potato, green bean……almost anything is suitable.


But, how to get higher quality final chips with fresh color, more natural nutrition and lower oil content? This is related to the pre-process of frying, vacuum degree and vacuuming speed, heating speed, Oil temperature uniformity, sealing……this is a system problem, not only one point. Do you know how to choose one perfect vacuum fryer? Contact me to know more details.