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Why is the basket color of vacuum fryer dark gray?

Date: 2022-05-23   Id: 38   Views:

We all know that high quality food machinery is made of stainless steel 304 and 316L, even the frame is made of the same material, like BAYI vacuum fryer. If you watch those pictures and videos of my posts carefully, you will find that the basket color is not same as stainless steel. Do you know the cause?


Let me tell you the answer.


We will add non-stick coating to the basket surface, to make sure the fruit and vegetable chips won’t stick to the inside of basket. The coating color is dark gray, so you can’t see stainless steel material color. Maybe some people will be worried about the health and safety of the coating, it isn’t a problem. The coating can’t decompose until the temperature up to 260 . Vacuum frying temperature range is 80~120℃,it is impossible to produce health and safety problem.


If there are many fruit or vegetable chips sticked on the surface of basket, do you know the cause? And how can we cancel this problem?  Contact me to discuss it.

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