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How can we ensure oil heating rapidly and keep stable uniform temperature of vacuum frying?

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For vacuum frying, Heating time and oil temperature stability are very important for vacuum fried chips quality and output. Let me introduce how we design the heating system and make sure stable temperature condition for vacuum frying production.


Heating parts


As we all know, vacuum fryer includes vacuum frying chamber and oil storage tank. The tank is used for thawing and storing oil. We design and equip reasonable coil heat exchanger inside to make sure the maximum thawing effect. This is the first step heating.


We also design and equipment the most effective tubular exchanger behind the chamber as the second heating part, this is the main heating point. When we load the frozen raw materials into the chamber, the oil temperature will be reduced minorly and the ice on the raw material surface will thaw. How can we quickly increase oil temperature to reasonable temperature and keep it, this is the difficult and important point for producing perfect quality vacuum fried chips. We must calculate right steam quantity and pressure based on clients’ product variety and pre-processing technology, then design right pipeline size and heat exchanging area to ensure perfect exchanging effect and speed.


Temperature stability system

We specially design and equip temperature stability system to ensure raw material could touch uniform oil temperature, to solve the final chips uneven color problem. When the vacuum fryer is working, the oil will be kept cyclic from frying chamber and oil tank, and then heated by heat exchangers continuously. When the oil temperature gets to the set number, steam valves will be turned down automatically and temperature will be kept on fixed number.


All of above action will be done automatic, you just need set up the reasonable frying temperature on the PLC screen.

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